Thrills of having a V-Jay: Masturbation

07 Mar

Ladies have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror or pictures of yourself naked and got emotionally charged!   There is absolutely anything wrong with erotically touching every sensitive part of your body, including your VAGINA.  That belongs to you. Why not enjoy those tender moments alone from time to time.

Many ladies admitted they hate sex toys.  It is plastic and expensive.

Of course, many items in your home could possibly stimulate your body in more ways than one if you are willing to be open minded about  these possibilities:

– Use a pillow to stroke your vagina.  As a matter of fact, use two in order to get the pressure just right.

– Use a throbbing vibrator.

– Pulsating shower head.

–  Those of you who love double penetration or just curious about exploring anal sex, how about the use of veggies, carrots, cucumbers or whatever you desire.

–  Also, Q tips provides excellent stimulation for the vagina, as well, as anal.

–  The old fashion magic marker.  Some females use those items for inserting inside both anal and the vagina.

Masturbation Tips:

Lie on your back, think of nothing.  You need to mentally prepare for finger fuc**ng sex.  Do not freak out if you scream when you climax.  Slide your fingers on your clit.  You could definitely leave the panties on for further stimulation.  Your clit will get harder.   You will get wetter.  Take a little of that liquid.  Apply it where you want.  I must admit the area behind your clit will make you cum.  Your hands may go numb.  Stopping at this moment is not an option.   That heated feeling which is flowing inside your body will make you scream.

Feel free to leave comments & questions on you enjoy yourself.


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